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Dexa Coin is a platform that claims to be able to solve the biggest money problem in the world.
Greetings to all cryptocurreency lovers Have you ever heard of DEXA COIN? This is a money transfer and instant messaging application throughout the world. This application was created only to revolutionize the way we send and earn money worldwide by completing the influence of Blockchain Technology.
Dexa Coin is a revolutionary new business that facilitates the receipt and receipt of money worldwide and provides direct procedures for moving payments after eliminating many of the steps found in other traditional methods. This makes the whole process of sending money not only easy, but also fast. Dexa Coin uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the world of money transfer. Companies and bank remittances, even in the modern world, still use traditional methods that are not only difficult, but also fraught. Because of the use of traditional methods of transferring money, customer satisfaction is low, as is the whole process.
The main purpose of Dexa Coin is to make the process of sending and receiving money faster safer and with easy accessibility to anyone who can operate a smartphone device. This is done by harnessing the power of blockchain technology that will help facilitate the exchange of money like never before. By eliminating intermediaries, Dexa Coin simplifies the process of sending and receiving money with easy-to-follow directions that allow anyone with a basic understanding of smartphone devices to transfer money at low cost and without complications. The APP will also include a "Social Message Feature" which not only allows users to communicate with people they send money too, but also to socialize with friends & family.
Many people incur high costs with the possibility of an increase to send money to someone abroad. Dexa Coin is an application that will allow its users to send & receive money anywhere in the world for a fraction of this price. Other features of the APP include instant payments where users can pay for coffee or dinner using NFC & QR Code Payment Technology. The APP will also allow users to connect to their Payment Card. For example Visa / Master Card.
At a later stage in the project, Dexa Coin plans to grow its global reach into new markets by implementing branded prepaid cards that can benefit those without bank accounts. Users will be able to apply for this card which can be used in many cities around the world for shopping, payment and withdrawal.

Dexa Coin Application

The Dexa Coin application with advanced technology connects the two parties seamlessly. The whole bill transfer experience isn't easy. Dexa Coin APP includes a number of features that make it easy for users to complete the entire transfer process.
There are several unique features that are incorporated into the application that provide a competitive advantage for the application. Some interesting features of this application include:
Anyone who is accustomed to using a smartphone device should be able to do this easily. The APP will be designed to be Easy, Easy to Use & Safe.
At a coffee shop or want to pay for dinner. You can make instant payments through the NFC & QR Code Payment Technology.
The APP will also include an "Instant Message Feature" that not only allows users to communicate with people they send money to, but also to socialize with friends & family.
Connecting APP to a bank account will allow users to connect APP to their Payment Card. For example: Master & Visa Cards or Money Transfer from APP to their bank account and vice versa.
Various security measures will be included in the APP to ensure the security and security of your money & digital wallet.
"Instant Message Features" will also host a number of Security and Privacy Features such as "End to end encryption".

Traditional Method Problems

Imagine having to send money from one place to another. How much do you think you will receive if you have to spend 100 dollars for a friend in the US?
You do not know. Not easy to guess because of the hidden fees charged by money transfer companies. Exchange rates reduce the total number of original shipments, which incurs many hidden costs. Even if the money transfer operator (MTO) offers a free rate, the exchange rate is always diluted so that it ultimately compensates for the lost costs.
Apart from high commissions, there are other factors that make the whole experience regretful. These factors include technology, organizational structure, rules, regulations, and overall price.
In addition to these factors, this MTO does not provide the level of privacy and security requested by customers due to sensitive financial and transaction information.
There are some disadvantages to the traditional money transfer method mentioned above, but there are still many individuals and businesses who choose traditional methods to waste and waste a lot of time.
DEXA Wallet application features:
  • Security: The Dexa Coin application provides financial security and financial information for its users. This application has several features that guarantee the security of your digital money, and the wallet does not cancel at every transaction level. Unmatched security is one of Dexa Coin's top priorities, and the team is fully committed to providing a secure platform for its users. Unlike other money transfer companies, using blockchain technology not only makes money transactions easy, but it is also safe.
  • Personal: Besides all the security features added to the application, it also protects your privacy. The Dexa Coin application guarantees complete user privacy. The instant messaging feature has one-to-end encryption. This limits access to third parties and ensures that messages remain between the two parties involved. In addition, it is equipped with attributes that detect and fight unauthorized access to payment transactions.
Let's show the benefits at a few points and illustrate future trends for the DEXA Coin project:
  • Send and receive money worldwide. The simple user interface makes this system easy to use and anyone who has a smartphone connected to the Internet can make international money transfers, payments and purchases.
  • Immediate Payment. Ability to pay quickly and efficiently with payments without NFC contact or QR code.
  • The ability to connect your bank account. You can connect debit cards like VISA, MasterCard.

DEXA wallet

Dexa Wallet is a place where users will hold their DEXA tokens. The wallet will also allow users to hold other cryptocurrency in general, especially ERC 20 tokens and Bitcoin. This wallet will have a number of security features to ensure the security and security of your digital assets.
Wallet will also hold a feature that allows users to buy DEXA directly from the application using the balance available in their account. The wallet will display the user's account balance. Here users can decide how much DEXA they want to buy. Let's say the user wants DEXA worth $ 10USD, they simply enter the amount and the system will display how much DEXA they will get for it. Once confirmed, the amount will be deducted from the user's account balance and the token will arrive in their Dexa Wallet. This system makes it easy for new users to buy DEXA and also for existing users to buy more.
DEXA token holders who hold DEXA outside the application will be able to transfer their tokens to the address of the blockchain wallet they created when registering. The token can then be used to run the application and also to use all of its features.
The DEXA token is a platform native token, it is built on the ethereum blockchain and is a utility token.
The DEXA token will change and reorganize the way we send and earn money worldwide by completing the intensity of blockchain innovation. This will also encourage people how to use cryptocurrency that is easily handled.

Selling and IEO Tokens

Personal Sales:
Sales Token: 5% (5 billion)
Exclusive Private Sales Price!
30% bonus for all participants!
Personal Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00003 USD
Days of personal selling will be announced soon.
This is it!


Sales token: 10% (10 billion)
Pre-sale Special Price!
20% bonus is available for all participants!
Pre-Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00004 USD
The pre-sale date will be announced soon.

General Sales:

Sales token: 35% (35 billion)
General Sales: 1 DEXA = 0.00005 USD
The public sale date will be announced soon.

Information Token:

Type: ERC-20
Coat of Arms: (DEXA)
Supply: 10 billion
Contract: 0x725440512cb7b78bf56b334e50e31707418231cb
Result: 18


Founder and team:



In short, the traditional method of transferring money does not follow the sophisticated technology of global money transfer demand. They are slow, unstable and expensive. In contrast, Dexa Coin, which uses blockchain as its backbone technology, offers a complete, safe, fast, and much cheaper solution for all problems and money transfer requirements.
Then go one step further by giving your users a feature called "Instant Messaging" that will keep them connected with friends and family for personal and professional purposes.
So with efficient and innovative new features, Dexa Coin will revolutionize the money transfer game.

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